# Getting Started

# Server Requirements

# Global Setup

After install NPM (Node Package Manager) following these steps

Install Globallay Kasfy

# linux, ubuntu, and mac using with "sudo"
sudo npm install -g kasfy
sudo npm install -g npm

# windows must run cmd with administrator permission 
npm install -g kasfy
npm install -g npm

# Create New Project

Navigate your like path after run this command to clone kasfy latest repository to create new Project.

kasfy create AwesomeApp   
# AwesomeApp is sample name.
# OR

kasfy new AwesomeApp

# Setup Project

Navigate your new kasfy project

cd AwesomeApp

# Create .env file from .env.example
# Linux OR Mac
cp .env.example .env

copy .env.example .env

Next install NPM Dependencies

npm install

# Local Development Server

If you have NodeJS installed locally and you would like to use NodeJS's built-in development server to serve your application, you may use the serve kasfy command. This command will start a development server at http://localhost:5050

  • You can change default port on .env file PORT=5050
kasfy serve 


kasfy dev
  • This command require NPM package, to install: npm install -g npm

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