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# Introduction

Kasfy, a free and open source framework built on top of Node.js harnessing the power of amazing web programming language, JavaScript. It fulfills all of your API development needs.

# Kasfy is Free

Kasfy framework is licensed under the MIT license, therefore you've the full privilege to use kasfy as you please. For more information please read the license agreement.

# Kasfy is Light Weight

Kasfy is a lightweight Node.js framework. The core system requires only a few very small libraries. This is in stark contrast to many frameworks that require significantly more resources. Additional libraries are loaded dynamically upon request, based on your needs for a given process, so the base system is very lean and quite fast.

# Kasfy is Fast

Since Kasfy is an open source framework built on top of Node.js, it is no doubt kasfy is fast and efficient enough for your projects.

# Kasfy Uses M-V-C

Kasfy is a Node.js framework that uses the Model-View-Controller approach, which allows great separation between logic and presentation. This is particularly good for projects in which UI/UX developers are working with your template files, as the code these files contain will be minimized. This will prevent mixing the presentation and logic part of your program. Thus, building an efficient and great projects.

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